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DASher is a Java DAS client for displaying annotations on a protein sequence. Enter a protein ID and DASher automatically gathers information about it from DAS servers around the world.

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  • 2009-03-27 - DASher publication is out

    I am happy to announce that the DASher paper has been accepted by Bioinformatics and is now available by Advance Access.

  • 2009-02-25 - v1.3.4
    • DASher now reports the status of all DAS requests it makes, so you can see in real-time which servers have returned features or if any have responded with an error (or not at all).
    • Better stylesheet support has been implemented. Now by default, a DAS source's stylesheet color preferences are used if available. It's still possible to use DASher's defaults, too; a checkbox has been added to the Options window which allows you to toggle back and forth.
    • With certain versions of Java on the Mac, the right-hand (vertical) scrollbar wasn't appearing at all. This has been fixed.
    • The underlying issue with that scrollbar, whereby it won't always notice that more tracks have been loaded until the user manually resizes the window, unfortunately still remains. It appears to relate to some inconsistencies in how Java handles the combination of heavyweight and lightweight objects. I'm still working on a fix, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please continue to slightly resize the window as a workaround.
    • Other minor interface improvements: the current position indicator in the toolbar no longer causes buttons to move around when the number of digits in the position changes. Tooltips have been added to the Options window. When the DAS registry can't be reached, now an error dialog appears which allow the user to quit or try again. Some obscure exceptions are now handled more gracefully. DASher now reports on startup not only the total number of DAS sources it found at the registry, but how many contain protein features (and thus will be displayed by DASher).

  • 2009-01-13 - v1.3.3
    Two new features added. (1) It's now possible to save a particular track configuration and restore it later. The save file is simply tab-delimited text so you can easily create these config files outside of DASher, too. Shortly, I'll post more details on the help page. (2) DASher now checks the MD5 version checksum of the sequence and compares each track's annotation to it. For more information, see the note on the help page describing this.

  • 2008-11-06 - v1.3.2
    Minor release to turn off some debugging code I had inadvertently left on.

  • 2008-11-05 - v1.3.1
    Worked around an obscure Java scrolling bug (#6186575). Improved middle-click behavior on Macs. Added Help button to menubar. Reconfigured popup track info window's appearance for better cross-platform compatibility. Fixed a major issue with old data persisting beyond a new protein ID request.

  • 2008-10-07 - v1.3
    Big upgrade to DASher. New features in v1.3 include: middle-clicking on a track brings up track info and the ability to change feature colors, an much-improved Options window which allows you to change track order, and lots more! This new release does now require Java 1.6. Java 1.6 is now available on all platforms, including the Mac -- click here to get it.

  • 2008-09-04 - v1.2.1
    Minor release to fix Java-1.5 compatibility, which I had broken in v1.2.

  • 2008-08-20 - v1.2
    Lots of improvements and a much better look! Run it from the "Try DASher" page or get it here.

  • 2008-05-07 - v1.1
    DASher v1.1 is now available! It can be downloaded here. I also added a Java Web Start page so you can run DASher right from your browser.

  • 2008-04-09 - v1.0
    The first public release of DASher is made available.

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